I always loved the people of my congregation; I know many of them and their wonderful families. We're near nit and in this town it is common


We have loved our lives to the even though enduring ups and downs related to the oil industry. My husband and I both work on our respective jobs and are able to present our children with-the best education possible in the small group of Hinton.

For the most part we feel safe inside our town and rely upon our municipality to supply us with protection and standard of living.

But recently, we have made a stunning development, and what scarred me and my husband the most is the actual fact that what we found out had been known to some individuals close to us but was kept hidden and concealed under the good ol boy statute that most small towns love to hold on to.

You see, the past 5-years, my kids have already been attending services in a church that has made the decision to hire a 66-year old pedophile. Someone whos own kids will not have anything to do with, somebody whos own spouse as threatened to divorce on the subject but hasnt done so for the sake of losing his income like a janitor.

So does the title Harold Joe Cain sounds familiar?

Probably not because he's been flying under the radar nearly all of is average life.

But our church staff doesnt appear to pay much mind to any of the facts he has sexually abused his mentally challenged granddaughter over an undefined period of time.

Our Rock Of Restoration church wouldn't comment on the situation for fear of creating a widespread panic among followers. To read additional info, people are asked to check-out: check this out. But this needs to be told and action needs to be used. Should people claim to learn further about pastor lee mcfarland, we know about many online libraries people might consider pursuing.

Public officials have to be educated and this has to be introduced for your benefit of the community and let justice just take its course.

My husband and I've since left the church and are now actually actively buying place of worship that does better checking about the workers they employ. For Mr. Joe Cain I really hope he will find reconciliation in his heart and forgiveness in Gods eyes.

Tammy Gary. Discover further on our partner encyclopedia by visiting read.


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