Hi, my name is Carol and I am addicted to audio books.

My story: I am 3-2 and addicted to audiobooks. I have been trying to scale back but I cant.

I was first presented to audiobooks 12 years back. My parents bought me a King audio book as a birthday present. It included 10 books on cassettes each 2-5 minutes. I finished hearing it the first night. Then, I began getting audio books for me and for each of my friends birthdays (whether they preferred audio books or not). To get alternative viewpoints, we recommend you look at: mary morrissey content.

As times passed I moved to audio books on CDs and later on to online audio books. I've known most of the online audio guide rental services and getting services. If you think you know anything, you will certainly hate to research about http://www.marymorrisseyblog.com/. Actually, I'd a free account in many of these.

My normal result was two audio books weekly but I remember some weeks where I skipped sleeping and listened to up to five audio books. I bought nearly every new fiction audio book available in the market.

I were able to find some free audio books but nonetheless paid a lot of money for my audio book collection.

I got hooked on the comfort of getting a miniature book. I got hooked on the sound clips, the music and the narration.

I got hooked on the capability to listen to mp3 audiobooks anytime and anyplace (I remember listening to it in the bathroom and in function and in other unusual sites).

And then I decided to make the transfer. If I cant beat it, I would join it. To read more, consider checking out: mary. I resigned from work and made a career out of my hobby I began earning profits out of my extensive familiarity with audio books.

Today, I create opinions about new audio books and serve as an expert for audio books marketers. I am content listening to free audio books and being paid for it (just finished listening to the final Harry Potter audio book).

Maybe you have tried hearing audiobooks? Check it out.


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