Growing old does have one benefit.. Knowledge. So, I am continuing here to generally share my vast pool of information. Needless to say my girlfriend can not resist telling me I need to clean the pool, but heres the number anyway.

1. Your nose WILL scratch, should you something that gets your hands wet, soapy or filthy.

2. When you give your email out everywhere on the web, you will soon learn all you never desired to know about body part improvements.

3. A cat does not love you. It just allows you to call home with it IF you dog, feed and clean it is cat litter box on an everyday basis. Otherwise, you're history.

4. Your Co-Workers, on another hand, DO love you.. At the least so long as you continue to provide them with good stuff to talk about when you're not around.

5. You are NOT the master of one's fortune. Your mother is. And once you get married, your spouse is.

6. Life is wonderful. Life sucks.. life is wonderful.. life sucks. Repeat as necessary.

7. There's a chip in they that are kept by all cars from starting unless you swing the dashboard properly and sincerely mean it when you say “Come on baby. You certainly can do it.”

8. Computers will only work properly whenever you Do not need them to.

9. A kiss is just a, and a is just a smile, but a baby is forever.

10. There is as a ghost that can haunt you. no such thing. except is likely to mind.

11. Nothing is carved in stone.. other than what will happen if you forget your other half's birthday or wedding.

12. Dig up more about any-clean by browsing our surprising web resource. No matter how hard you take to, you will NEVER have the ability to fold laundry in accordance with your spouse's guidelines.

13. Anything you believe will happen, will not.. and anything you think will not happen, will.

14. Love is just a two way street. There could be a lot of exits before you get anywhere unless you are then and on the highway.CarpetFirst
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