Most people know of someone, or have seen someone who can efficiently spin a pen around their thumb. A great majority of those folks have then tried to get this done, and failed. This report will help teach this ability to you. Understanding how to pen spin is a good way to increase hand-to-eye co-ordination and your fine motor abilities, and is a way to pass time. Also you will find a huge selection of other tricks to master other than the thumbaround.

Things you will need

1. Preferably a pen or pencil of the reasonable length and lacking protruding elements.

2. Some spare time.

3. Tolerance.


1. Hold the pen between the very first hand and the thumb, with the heart of the pen to the left of the thumb (if you are right-handed).

2. Place the second hand onto the side of the pen (roughly where the middle is). Only allow hand get in touch with the pen.

3. With your second finger, gently push the pen in a circular motion, and attempt to get it to turn around the thumb, and be sure you release your grasp with the first finger.

4. Move your first finger away from the hand, ready to get the pen, as the pen moves around the thumb.

4. Close your first finger to get the pen as it completes one counterclockwise revolution (right-handed).


1. Use the first finger to hold the pencil, and the 2nd to drive. Do not try to drive with both, or hold the pencil with both.

2. This may take a couple of days to execute capably, and will take patience.

3. Look for a pen to undertake with if you are fighting.

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