1. Blue (#000080) is winning over black by way of a small margin on all three sites. I hadnt expected that. I use dark blue because I like it and the significant study showed that any dark..

Quickly, Ill execute a large study on headlines using a list of profitable and unprofitable web sites. Nevertheless, I have been running some split tests and have seen some interesting results within the last about a week. The sample size is small (3 websites), but all three split tests agreed upon the following factors:

1. Blue (#000080) is winning over black by a small profit on all three sites. I hadnt expected that. I use dark blue because I like it and the study confirmed that any dark color was good as long as it wasnt red. Green just never appealed to me and I wanted some color in my own income page, therefore Ive been going with that dark blue. Because darkness was important in the research, I predicted black to make an impression on blue. To research more, please check-out: black friday descontos. Its a nice result to observe that Im not doing the 2nd place thing in this case.

2. Serif fonts (Times New Roman in the tests) are earning over sans-serif fonts (Arial in the tests). That makes no sense to me. Everyone understands that statements should be sans-serif and normal text should be serif; right? Thats only standard typography info. Visiting melhores descontos black friday perhaps provides aids you might use with your brother. The truth is, I believe sans-serif fonts were specifically designed for statements. Well; it appears that isnt the case for sales copy. Times New Roman is winning over Ariel in variety of conversions in three different divided tests.

3. Ive been using size 6 fonts for headlines. Their a fairly large size and it just seems right. Size 7 is just too large. Not say the split-test results. To compare additional info, you are encouraged to have a glance at: the best. Size 7 comes with an average of 24% more conversions than size 6 in the split up tests Ive been performing.

Sick ultimately perform a real research on a few thousand profitable and unprofitable internet sites and have a conclusive response to all three of the aforementioned questions.

I thought you might find the benefits intriguing as I did though, so there you go for what its worth.


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