Diagnosis of Deafness and Hearing Loss

Many people have reported it is frequently difficult to achieve a certain diagnosis and causes for their hearing loss and deafness.

It is very hard to give a precise diagnosis much like many health conditions you will find normally a high quantity of causes and personal circumstances to consider, even when using the most innovative diagnosis technology.

It's generally considered there are 2 main causes for hearing deafness & loss in patients.

Sensorineural Hearing loss

Sensorineural hearing loss may be the most prevalent reason for deafness in the united kingdom. Dig up further on our partner article directory - Browse this web site: atlanta hearing associates yellowpages.

This diagnosis applies to injury to the nerves with in-the ear and is frequently known as nerve deafness.

Inside the cochlea in the internal ear are hair cells which pass information on noise signals via nerves to the brain. Any damage that affects this transfer of this information from your hair cells of the inner ear to the auditory nerve and eventually the mind may cause Sensorineural Hearing. Be taught more on this affiliated site by clicking hearing test.

Example causes for Sensorineural Hearing Loss include;

Aging Process - As we grow old we can loose of hair cells within the cochlea and this could be responsible for hearing loss for those over 6.

Traditional Upheaval - very loud noises can harm hair cells.

Infections - These may cause loss of hair cells i.e. mumps or meningitis

Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive Hearing loss is simply caused by congestion in the outer ear which prevents or stops noise passing to the inner ear.

This is due to something that disrupts the transmission of sound-from the outer to the inner ear, such as;

Ear attacks

Stuff head

Build-up of wax,

Harm to the ossicles o-r perforated eardrum

Hearing aids are a clear choice to assist with hearing loss. There are many types and model open to suit many users requirements, and can help enhance the users lifestyle. To compare more, you are able to check out: hearing aid.


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