Corporate Government Data Collection Process UK Site: This web site is built for US people, and UK, Enrope. Link:

Corporate Governance Data Collection System China Site: This web site is made for China, Hong-kong, and Taiwan users. Link:

Hemscott Guru: The options for gathering Annual Statements for UK firms. Link:

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission: 'The principal goal of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission?is to protect people and keep up with the integrity of the securities markets.' The S.E.C. 'requires public companies to reveal important financial and other information to the public, which provides a common pool of information for all buyers to use to choose for them-selves if a company's securities are a good investment.' See their spotlight on Sarbanes-Oxley Rule-making and Reports. Visit Set Of Social Network Sites For Internet Marketers | General News to research why to flirt with it. A look for Corporate Governance restored over 7,300 recommendations. Link:

Mastering Corporate Governance (Financial times ): This Financial Times unique report, dated May possibly 2005, includes over fifteen extensive articles on areas of corporate governance, from various academic professionals in-the field. Link:

Corporate Governance (Washington Post ): This Washington Post special report collects the newspaper's articles on this matter in one area, regularly updated. Link:

Scandal, Inc. (CNN Money ): This CNN Money site includes in a single location a host of stories about problems in the area of business ethics, corporate government, sales and more, plus a schedule of the more notorious new abuses. Link:

Google Scholar: This version of Google, Google Scholar, allows searches through the full text of a wide range of scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports, from educational publishers, professional communities, preprint databases and colleges. Research results, in some instances, may point out articles or text that can be viewed just for a fee or with a subscription. A look for 'Corporate Governance' made over 39,000 files. Link:

Wikipedia: This free online user-created and maintained encyclopedia can be a good starting place for an orientation to a topic. See their entry for Corporate Governance. Link:

Encyclopedia of Corporate Governance: 'Encycogov is definitely an academic encyclopedia about corporate governance intended for use by students, academics, business people and government officials. The vision of Encycogov is to be the most useful and well-documented web-based source about topics which are relevant for the knowledge of issues in corporate governance. Encycogov was started in the summertime 1999 as a test and its development remains.' See Specific Topics parts and their General Topics to find out more on corporate governance. Link:


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